Our Mission

Networked Researcher is a UK-based collaborative research networking and learning platform dedicated to encourage the critical practice and discussion of social media and digital educational technologies for research.

Starting officially in May 2011, the project originally grew out of the doctoral research which our founder Dr Sarah-Louise Quinnell undertook in the Geography Department at King’s College London (KCL). The project is now coordinated by her and Ernesto Priego. Both Sarah and Ernesto are affiliated to the UCL Centre for Digital Humanities (UCLDH).

The name Networked Researcher was first suggested by Dr Martin Eve during a brainstorming session on Twitter, and Rudolf Ammann designed our current logo and key elements of our visual identity.

Networker Researcher also offers tailored social media, online publishing and e-learning training to Higher Education and GLAM sector organisations.

With this site we offer a collaborative multi-author blogging platform, encouraging researchers of different ages and disciplines to blog about their areas of expertise, current research and experiences.

Our blog’s mission is to promote rapid-publication on a platform focused on digital scholarship and research development. It is a space where academics can collaborate and disseminate their work, engage with audiences, test their hypotheses, share their experiences and receive feedback.

Our blog seeks to work as an online networking and publishing environment through which academics can communicate and develop digital research techniques and adapt and develop the design to use to carry out their own research.

If you are a researcher interested in how online technologies are changing the way we do things we want you to contribute!

We care about sustainability and digital preservation. This site is preserved by the British Library’s UK Web Archive.