Contribute to Our Blog

Networked Researcher is a UK-based academic publishing and networking platform with an international outlook. Here we explain how to join us as a contributor to our blog.

The very nature of social media means that this project will grow through user interaction. We would love to hear from graduate students, early career researchers, teachers, researchers or academics who are actively employing social media in their research and professional development.

Four simple steps need to be taken if you wish to contribute:

  1. Before contacting us, please read our Community Policy and our suggested Editorial Guidelines.
  2. Please get a Gravatar account with profile picture and biographical details linked to the email account you are registered with or wish to be registered with on this platform. Those contributors who have a Gravatar account get a bio and profile picture box under their contributions. An updated Gravatar tells your readers more information about who you are and offers important context.
  3. Please contact us telling us who you are, what you do and how you would like to contribute with us. Please include the email you have linked to your updated Gravatar and selected links to your online work or presence.
  4. We will then contact you and create an account for you as soon as possible. This is not an automated process; at the moment we do this in any free time we have. We will appreciate your very kind patience!

Once you have an account you will be ready to blog.

Our call for contributions is permanent; those already with accounts are encouraged to blog as often as they so wish.