I Research, Therefore I Exist

My name is Lavinia and I am a new Philosophy PhD Student at Keele University. I am Romanian and I have just arrived at Keele to find out the secrets of moral motivation when caring about nature. My story it might not seem so special to you, I mean in our times it is easier to follow a PhD than in the past, but for me it’s quite special. I have always felt like I am meant to do something GREAT with my life, but it was really hard to create a real image in my head of how my life will look like.

It took me almost two years to find the courage to act and then I realize that I actually have a great idea of research and it can be funded by an international University.  Now, I feel that I have finally found my path and I am motivated to do the best I can to contribute to the research community and share my findings as I go deep into my field of research. There are a lot of things to do and I have to learn to organize myself better when dealing with all this information, but I think I can handle it. And my supervisors are great, so this will help me a lot.

In the end, I have to mention that this is just a start post on Networked Researcher… so I will come back to you later to tell you more about my STORY of research.