Inger Mewburn – Is There a New Digital Divide Brewing?

The role of blogging in academia is something I am particularly interested in. I awoke today to find a lot of blogs and bloggers writing about how and why they had value. In particular this is in response to the blog post published on the Guardian Higher Education Network yesterday – The measure of blogging: the use of different media in academic publishing. I was also musing this very issue after I was a panelist at the Royal Geographical Society Postgraduate Forum – Annual Conference Training Symposium. I felt the conversation was anti-blogging, others say it was ambiguous however, there does seem to be this deep seated dislike of blogging and that peer-reviewed publications are, and always will be, king. This may be true to an extent, but blogs offer a different mode of publishing and enable the blogger to make different sorts of ‘impact’ and facilitate different types of ‘engagement’. I believe the two should be complimentary and that early-career researchers should go forth and blog but as part of a well thought out professional development strategy. However, it still leaves us wondering why the more established members of our community are so anti. In this post Inger Mewburn, editor of the thesis whisperer,  considers whether there is a new digital divide brewing within the academy. (more…)