Temporary Measures to Keep Networked Researcher Afloat

Hello everyone. This is a temporary public notice to let you know that the site has been systematically attacked by spammers (might have been as part of the recent robot spam injection attack on WordPress). One of the consequences was that as administrators we were unable to log in the site and were unable to update anti-spam and commenting plug-ins as well as to do any changes to the contributors’ permissions.

We have so many registered contributors that we were easy target. It took a while but I have finally managed to log in for the time being and have cleaned up the site from spam comments (it might not last long).

As a security measure I have changed the role of all contributors to subscribers; if you would like to post please contact me via email/Twitter (@ernestopriego) and I will see what I can do.

I have also deactivated a series of plug-ins including the Twitter mentions one that displayed Twitter mentions as comments.

As you may remember the intention of this blog was to encourage interdisciplinary, collaborative multi-author blogging around social media, blogging and educational technologies. It seems that in that sense we have failed as contributors stopped coming here to publish when not being actively prompted to do so.

This is an unfunded project so I cannot dedicate the required time to keep encouraging people personally to blog. This is also a reminder that if you want to contribute, this platform is open to everyone. Evidence shows that multi-author blogs get more attention than individual, personal blogs. Hopefully we will solve the spamming issue as soon as possible and we can post a new reminder of our ongoing call for posts.

In the meanwhile this post will remain here to indicate we are still working on the issue.

If you have received email notifications about your posts receiving spam comments, please accept our apologies.

I really hope we can keep Networked Researcher afloat and once the attack has been cleared we can restart blogging together.