First Post: My Research on Postcolonial Theatre

“Nominally independent”  countries like India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka are still susceptible to neocolonial coercion of “Rich /Powerful” countries such as America and China. In the guise of peace, financial aid and international laws, these rich countries  intervene in the socio-political  sites of these postcolonial countries. Through this intervention, they attempt to exercise  power over the bodies of these postcolonial populations: they subjugate these bodies and attempt to regulate  these populations in a subtle and remote manner.

Organ trafficking is just one instance for exercising power over bodies: a recent advertisement reads ” DONATE A KIDNEY , BUY THE NEW iPod” .  Seduction and technology as weapons? Surrogate mothers  are mushrooming from India  for the “conveniences ” of some westerners. Financial aid?

Postcolonial theatre explores these issues metaphorically on the stage, and my attempt as a PhD student is to research how postcolonial drama  addresses such powers in terms of postcolonial concepts and theatrical contexts.