Networked Researcher at the AHRC’s Digital Transformations Moot

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We are pleased to share we will be presenting Networked Researcher at the AHRC’s Digital Transformations Moot, taking place Monday 19 November 2012 in The Mermaid Centre London (Puddle Dock, Blackfriars, London, EC4V 3DB). We will be participating in the ‘Yack Space’ talking about Networked Researcher for ten minutes from 12:30PM.

Somewhat paradoxically, the full programme was made available as a PDF as it will be distributed on the day as a printed brochure, but we have uploaded it to our Google Drive to share it with you (click here) . There, Professor Tim Hitchcock explains:

The digital and the online have quite simply changed how arts and humanities practitioners work, and the AHrc is committed to supporting that change.

This Moot, this event, represents one small space where the transformations implied by these developments will actually occur. it is a fragment of the Council’s programme of funding and activities under its Digital Transformations theme, and reflects the AhRC’s commitment to supporting the research community in its conversation between the shockingly new, the universal and the timeless.

Delegates and contributors have been encouraged to network and communicate before, during and after the event using the Twitter hashtag (#digitrans) and the Digital Transformations Crowdvine.

The AHRC has also encouraged delegates to take photographs of the event and tweet them with the #digitrans tag.

There will be a livestream of the talks, debates, performances and the stalls throughout the day, which can be found here:  and on Crowdvine at

The AHRC will also be encouraging those who cannot attend to tweet any questions or comments they have for speakers and debates to @AHRCDigiTrans with the #digitrans tag.

You can view our slides on Slideshare, here.


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