‘Technophobe’ Joins 21st Century

For years I have actively avoided this so-called social media world. A self confessed ‘technophobe’, living life blissfully unaware of blogs, tweets and hastags. Nevertheless, with a bit of kind peer pressure I recently joined the twitter world and contributed my first blog – ‘What is honour?’ to the Sociology and Criminology Blog at Keele. My first draft, full of references, was returned to me with a very diplomatic message suggesting that this was not quite what was meant by a blog. Yet with a little bit of editing I managed to post my first ever blog; and despite my initial reluctance it wasn’t so bad!

It is possible to forget, as we sit in solitary confinement at our desks with our litre of coffee, buckets of enthusiasm and a mound of literature, that the academic world is highly competitive. We are not just required to make an original contribution to knowledge, we must also learn to ‘sell ourselves’ in a competitive job market. The social media has emerged as a key way of doing this, and this technological scheptic must accept that the virtual world is very much a reality, and one in which I must join if I want to make myself known.

About Samantha Walker

Graduate Teaching Assistant in the school of Sociology and Criminology and PhD student in Criminology at Keele University. My PhD thesis "Living with honour in the UK: A study into the needs and experiences of victims of honour based violence in rural Britain" is an interdisciplinary study within the fields of criminology and sociology. With an emphasis on the accommodation of both gender and culture in policies designed to eradicate interfamilial and community based violence against women, this research focuses principally upon the social sustainability of both local regional and national level responses to ‘honour’-based violence.

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  1. Welcome to the blogosphere we are all quite friendly! Hope you are enjoying your workshop with Ernesto