Professionals Must Learn

There has been an increased or urgent need for professionals to learn since the current trend of events in the world demand professionals to be up to date with current developments in their respective professional fields.

There is therefore the need for all professionals to continue to learn in order to justify the privilege that they enjoy from the label of ‘professional’.  This need for lifelong learning should be more of an individual responsibility (but also requires support from organisations/employers/society).

However, ther are questions surrounding what needs to be learned or what the focus of professional learning should be, and also how to conceptualize the notion of professional learning.  This therefore means that different professionals will experience the notion of lifelong learning differently.

My research work will  be built on a theoretical framework built on the ‘Thinking Tools’ of Pierre Bourdieu (Field / Capital/Habitus/Hysteresis)

I am a professional accountant and also currently studying within the Education department RISS, Keele University, as a post-graduate researcher






About Kojo Kusi

I am a Professional Accountant and currently a Post Graduate Researcher in Education at Keele University. My focus is on Lifelong Learning among accountancy Professionals I am also interested in linking up with other researchers working on professionals and learning related issues

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