My PhD Project about PMS

Hi. This is my first blog post. I want to share information about my PhD. I think my project is very interesting for all women of reproductive age: it is about premenstrual syndrome.

About 95% of women experience symptoms of premenstrual syndrome ie physical, psychological, somatic, behaviourial one week befor periods and sometimes it is so severe to interrupt routine life.T he exact cause is uncertain but it is  due to hormonal and biochemical changes. These cyclical chemical changes  produce cyclical symptoms.

My research is about “how ovulation suppression can control PMS symptoms.” I will review all relevant literature by searching databases and will discuss estrogens, progesteron, danazol, GnRH analouges, and women with hystrectomies. My supervisor is an expert PMS.

About Bushra Naheed

I am a PhD student at keele university. My area of research is obs/gynae. My area of work is science and technology at Guy Hilton, Stoke on Trent, UK.

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  1. Khalil says:

    If you are not familiar, the mensturation research society (forgot the actual name of the org) hosts this blog