A Price on My Head

I am really knew to this blogging gig, so please forgive my inadequacies. I have just started my PhD studies here at Keele University and so far I am really enjoying the experience and challenges. However, one thought has been creeping up on me from time-to-time; why I’m getting paid, and perhaps more importantly why now. I guess there are some very simple and obvious superficial answers to these questions, I am being funded because my proposal was excepted and now because I have fulfilled the prerequisites (undergrad, masters, able body and mind etc….) for this level of study.

Yet, there are deeper concerns and questions I wish to explore. I have been paying my way or perhaps loaning, begging and borrowing may be a more accurate description, through the last 5 years of my study. However, now I am getting money paid into my account and it feels really good, though I also have a guilty feeling. Nothing has really changed from working for my masters and what I am doing right now, I am still the same person I was a year ago, yet now I am privileged, I have a responsibility to not just do my work for me as it has been in my academic life thus far, but now to justify its importance and live up to the price on my head. I am not sure where these thoughts will take me next but thank you for taking this little wander with me.

About Anthony Dolan

I am currently studying and teaching in Keele University as part of my PhD studies. My research is broadly in the school of Human Geography, yet my specific research is concerned with the current trends in mental health care within the UK. I will be looking at a range of empirical research sites in Stoke-on-Trent and surrounding area. For my theoretical engagement I will be looking at the works of Michel Foucault, Félix Guattari and Jacques Lacan.

One Response to A Price on My Head

  1. Enjoy the fact that you are funded and use the time wisely to enjoy doing research :d hope you enjoy the PhD experience