Arjun’s First Post

So here I am, a PhD student in the field of law, at Keele University, in the United Kingdom. While still unsure of what I intend to look at, broadly I would be looking at ownership in the human body and ownership in the human body parts especially in light of new case laws in the United Kingdom, on ‘sperm as property’. Contradicting, yes.

After the first meeting with my supervisor, it all appears a very calm voyage, but leaves one to wonder if it is the calm before the storm.

Now, as part of of a seminar on social media, I am blogging for the first time, and warily (given my profession as a lawyer and my experience in content liability), and have decided to keep this first post short.

All of the above is only my personal view and any resemblance to anything that may have been said earlier, by any persons living or not, is purely coincidental.





About Arjun Krishnamoorthy

A lawyer, and presently pursuing my doctorate in law at Keele University, examining self ownership and ownership of human body parts. Looking to use social media to further my research.

One Response to Arjun’s First Post

  1. Hello Arjun, welcome to Networked Researcher! I loved how you ended your post. We have tried to set a framework for publicly sharing information in our Editorial Guidelines and Community Policy (see top navigation bar). Let us know what you think of them if you can.

    I also find the body part ownership of your research very interesting. I am sure people investigating different stuff (from Gothic literature to contemporary horror film and posthumanism) will find it interesting as well!