Networked Researcher Open Access Week 2012 Blogging Unconference Proceedings (PDF)

I anthologised the proceedings of our Open Access Week 2012 Blogging Unconference.

You can download the PDF (it’s free) from Figshare:

Networked Researcher Open Access Week 2012 Blogging Unconference Proceedings. Ernesto Priego, Kathleen Azali, Lori Beth De Hertogh, Silvia Gutierrez, Giorgio Guzzetta, Stian Haklev, Tim Johnson, Dyfrig Jones, Brian Kelly, Joseph Kraus, Amanda Starling Gould, Niamh Thornton. figshare.
Retrieved 09:11, Jan 18, 2013 (GMT)

It contains contributions by

  • Kathleen Azali
  • Lori Beth De Hertogh
  • Silvia Gutierrez
  • Giorgio Guzzetta
  • Stian Haklev
  • Tim Johnson
  • Dyfrig Jones
  • Brian Kelly
  • Joseph Kraus
  • Amanda Starling Gould and
  • Niamh Thornton

With many thanks to everyone who contributed, commented and shared online. Please share, cite, link.


About Ernesto Priego

I coordinate the editorial work at Networked Researcher. I founded The Comics Grid Journal of Comics Scholarship, a pioneering open access, peer-edited, collaborative online journal. I've got a PhD in Information Studies from University College London and I'm a lecturer in Library Science at City University London.