#Transitions3: A Network Grows

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On Saturday I attended the third edition of the Transitions annual symposium at Birkbeck College, London. Transitions is a one-day academic event which is also part of the annual Comica, London International Comics Festival.

I have done a quick Storify of the #Transitions3 tweets (minus RTs). There are some nice photos there and some extra information that complements well what happened in real life that Saturday.

In my opinion the event was a complete success. So far it is the only ongoing (and free!) comics studies event in London and having witnessed its evolution I can say that this one has been the best so far and it can only mean very positive things for the future of comics studies, either as a specific academic multi-discipline in itself or as an aspect of study from an ample spectrum of other academic disciplines.

Transitions’ backchannel was also pretty active, with Tony Venezia being the ‘official’ live-tweeter from the @contemporaryfic account and other few delegates tweeting as well. Even though most of the tweets (in comparison to some bigger events) came from a relatively small group it was great to see that unlike the first time around now one could rely on others documenting and reporting the proceedings without the responsibility lying in only one person. It was a truly collective, collegial backchannel.

My feeling is that the network of comics scholars and scholars interested in comics in the UK and abroad is growing relatively quickly both in real life and on social networks. Gradually both spheres of action are growing interconnected, instead of developing independently or even in spite of each other.

It was indeed very nice that everyone was given a guest wifi pass; meaning that it was not assumed that everyone would be a student or academic member of staff of a UK university and therefore having a Roamnet account. The hashtag, #Transitions3, was easy to remember and reflected the name of the symposium without it being too long. Much better than #TMMNDCS12 or something!

Thank you to Nina Mickwitz, Tony Venezia and all the Transitions team and delegates for a truly memorable day.

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