Form is Content: A New Design for Networked Researcher

It is almost Halloween, and after a long productive week celebrating Open Access with our blogging unconference, we are very happy to have a new visual identity, which features the design work of our colleague Rudolf Ammann.

Networked Researcher Halloween Spider

Amongst other projects, Rudolf is responsible for the current logo of the UCL Centre for Digital Humanities.

We have taken this opportunity to re-conceptualise some sections of the site, including our editorial guidelines and strategy, and though this is still a work in progress we are happier now with our current layout than ever before and we couldn’t wait to share it with you. You will notice that the new design extends beyond the web site to our social media presence as well.

The online discussions that led to this new look took place over more than 185 email messages between the three of us during the last 5 weeks. The brainstorming and tweaking was intense, intensive and very prolific. We are pleased that the research and creative process that led to the way we look now was faithful to the collaborative methods we want Networked Researcher to advocate. Rather than disengaging the design process from the project, as if it were some kind of superficial element, we worked hard at ensuring the three of us took a role in the process.

On 19 November 2012 we will present Networked Researcher within the AHRC Digital Transformations Moot’s ‘Yack Space’ and we are more than looking forward to that.

All of you web crawlers out there can join us in the festive spirit and download the PDF of the Networked Researcher Halloween poster that Rudolf designed!




About Sarah-Louise Quinnell

Dr Sarah-Louise Quinnell is a social scientist, specifically a human geographer with a diverse range of research interests from international environmental politics, development practice and management - specifically issues pertaining to capacity-development and geographies of cyberspace. Sarah is also interested in the digitisation of the academic research process.