Relaunching Networked Researcher!

I am very pleased to announce that after a forced hiatus Sarah and I are re-launching Networked Researcher (this site).

We’ve both been very busy relaunching our post-PhD professional lives, facilitating blogging, social media and e-learning training all over the place and thinking hard about where to take this project next.

There are still bits and bobs that need to be polished but we want to reengage in full-on online activity as soon as possible.

Anyway, this post has a simple purpose: to invite you to participate with us on this site.

If you were already a Networked Researcher contributor please take some time to explore the new features on the site. If you are visiting us for the first time, welcome! We hope you’ll join us too.

Participating is easy. You’ll find all about it in our Join Us (How to Contribute) page.

I am working on internal documents to help contributors navigating our WordPress dashboard and our new online workspace. (This space is visible only to registered contributors who have logged in.)

We set up our new online workspace as an extra to the blog in order to offer a more interactive (even if humbly limited) platform where to encourage potential collaborations that are not as huge and potentially intimidating as a whole blog article or engaged discussion on Twitter or LinkedIn.

So this is it, we want you to contribute to our blog, dedicated to the specialised discussion of all things digital, and to network with us in our online workspace.

So feel free to click away, and please join us!

About Ernesto Priego

I coordinate the editorial work at Networked Researcher. I founded The Comics Grid Journal of Comics Scholarship, a pioneering open access, peer-edited, collaborative online journal. I've got a PhD in Information Studies from University College London and I'm a lecturer in Library Science at City University London.

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